Fix things and destinies using improbable tools!

SPACR is an open-world adventure game about a mechanic stranded on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden.

Play as Vix - an unlucky SPACR (space mechanic) who is about to get fired. Your last chance is to repair a distant interstellar beacon in deep space territory.

Developed solo by @jarnik as @rendlike.

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Ride a scooter, power loader, or just take a walk to discover secret locations.


Use a coin, duct tape, banana... anything to fix the thing!


Eat soup, pudding, rice bowls, and other delicious meals to receive secret hints!

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In a world of SPACR, a distant future, most people are spliced - genetically modified to look like animals. The fur helps them to cope with Earth's cold atmosphere after climate changes. And the innate hibernation abilities allow them to sleep through long interstellar flights.