find & fix it adventure of a space mechanic on a distant planet

ride scooter, goat or just walk to travel over the mysterious planet


use screwdriver, duct tape, sandwich, banana... anything to get it working!


local bots only talk in emoji, chat with a fridge or a door!


soup, nachos, rice bowls and more delicious meals! ear while having serious conversations.

Eat lovely dishes, make new robot friends. Slingshot around planets, explore mysterious places and manage your cryonic sleep.



You are a young space mechanic who ran away from her family and volunteered for a deep space mission. Your task is to fix a navigational beacon on a distant planet and find the missing beacon keeper.

But why is the deserted planet full of quirky robots acting like humans? And why is your compass acting crazy? Getting off this planet will take some fixing and you’ll definitely need help. Can you meet new friends to fill the gap of those you’ve left behind?

Spacr is a linear adventure game sprinkled with random encounters. You get to meet quirky robots who mostly speak in emoji. Due to a simulated day cycle, characters come and go, sticking to their weekly routine. As months pass, planets change positions, requiring less energy to reach them.

The core mechanics are exploration, puzzles, dialogues and travelling.


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Humanity has evolved and stepped beyond Earth. To survive climate changes, entire population has spliced their genes with animals to grow fur and obtain hibernation abilities. The protagonist is a fox-splice.

A newly obtained hibernation helped interstellar travels to happen. Humanity is thinly spread over a small part of its home galaxy. Interstellar travels still take a lot of time, remote outposts are not able to keep the pace. SPACRs, mechanics with knowledge of ancient technologies are sent to fix legacy systems.

Spacrs are hired and payed by so-called metacorps. It turned out that humans are not really good with planning in terms longer than a human lifespan. Corporations were slowly replaced with 100% outsourced companies managed by AIs. There is a handful of these AIs working in balance and thanks to their careful original programming priorities, they do their best to be useful and friendly to humanity. As a part of contract, you’re bringing their instances with you, sometimes making things easier or harder for you.

You are a spacr – you job is to travel around in a cryo capsule and keep ancient machines working. Your current mission brought you to a faraway planet with an interstellar beacon that went silent 250 years ago. You need to fix it and find the original beacon keeper.